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Tammie McDonald has an extensive history as a License Chemical Dependency Counselor. She has fully engaged herself to helping those who are trapped in a self-defeating lifestyle. Ms. McDonald currently is Licensed by Texas Health and Human Services as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). 

Her career experience consists of working with individuals who struggle with addiction.  She is a provider of the Driving While Intoxicated Education Program (12-Hour DWIE), 

The DWI Intervention Program (32-Hour DIN), and The Drug Offender Education Program (15- Hour DOEP) Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Under the DOT “Return to Duty”. 

Areas of practice: Program Director in Houston Texas, TDCJ, MHMRA, and with individuals both inpatient, outpatient treatment programs. If you are looking for an instructor who can move, you through the different stages of change and someone that believe in your ability to succeed Tammie is the Instructor for you!

12-Hour DWI Education Program
The 12-Hour DWI Education Program is tailored for those who have been charged or convicted of their first DWI Offense. This course is facilitated over a three day time period. This course is offered online and in-person. Upon completion of this course you will receive a Serially Numbered Certificate. Register for the Drug offender Education Program below
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15-Hour Drug Offender Education Program
The 15-Hour Drug Offender Education Program is designed to educate those who are having issues with abstaining from the use of addictive substances. This course is taught over the course of a five day period You will receive your certificate of completion the last date of the program. This is a required course for those who have been convicted of a possession offense in the State of Texas. This course satisfies Out-of-State requirements if offenses have taken place in a state other than Texas
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32-Hour DWI Education Program
The 32-Hour DWI Education Program was created to help those experiencing issues caused by driving under the influence of alcohol. Individuals who have received more than one DWI conviction and or offense are required in the State of Texas to complete this Program. This Program is facilitated over the course of 8 weeks. This period is broken down into two sessions per week. This course is facilitated in two formats: online and in-person.
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Substance Abuse Professional
(SAP Services for CDL Drivers)
The SAP Program is designed to help CDL and Safety Sensitive Employees who have experienced issues with Substance Abuse. Commercial Driver License Holders and Safety Sensitive Employees will first need to schedule an SAP Evaluation to begin the CDL reinstatement process. We offer online and in-person services.
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Substance Use Disorder Evaluations
ACE provides Substance Use Disorder Evaluations for those who would like more understanding of their own issues or a friend or loved one. We understand the confusion and exhaustion you may be experiencing due to being a life trapped by addiction. We have professionals who have experienced addiction and are here to help you create a recovery program Court/Legal Referrals ACE will provide Substance Abuse Evaluations for those who are referred from Probation Officer/Community Supervision Officers, Attorneys, as well as Individuals who are referred from Out-of-State/County Courts. Please contact ACE at 832-597-0102 or
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