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Native American substance abuse track

Photo by Shane Rounce

Harmony Road Recovery’s Native American Program

Harmony Road Recovery’s Native American program was created to assist those in need of substance abuse and mental health recovery by offering a quaint and engaged atmosphere. Harmony Road Recovery is a boutique and personalized 6 bed program attended to by 4 professional staff members which gives our clients the best possible avenue to connect with our service providers on an almost one to one basis.

Our team is led by Adan Monroe, CAC who has over 19 years of counseling experience. In addition to Adan, we have Gene Kazhe and Millie Kazhe, BLS, who are both ACLS and PALS certified.

Another important aspect of Harmony Road’s program is our independent mental health component. Our mental health program is guided by our full-time psych nurse practitioner, LaTara Taylor.

Our approach to treatment is holistic, combining the treatment of mind, body, and spirit, therefore we also offer an on-site sweat lodge, daily recreational activities and medical wellness educational classes each week. When you realize that you need to get help overcoming alcohol or drug addiction, you want a place that envelops you with the utmost care, support and comfort. At Harmony Road Recovery’s treatment center for substance abuse and mental health you have a space that takes you away from the overwhelming details of daily life. Let the serene and tranquil atmosphere in El Paso Texas inspire change within yourself. Our talented and focused staff will help bring much needed structure to your life. You will finally find peace as you embark on a lifetime of recovery.

We look forward to serving those seeking help and are available 7 days a week to answer any questions.